24 January 2015

The relation of physical activity to good health

I started this blog to somehow share some insights about good health and how to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, and I can say, most, if not all, health blogs has something to say about exercise. Several debates exist on how much or how little exercise a person does can actually contribute to his/her health - but thanks to Harvard's post (by Howard LeWine, MD), we're beginning to reach some consensus.

In the article, the premise is that few exercise is always better than none but provided you spend lesser time per day sitting down. Consequently, it means that exercising a lot may only do so little to your health if most of your day spent at home or work (over all) is still sitting down. To make more sense, it really  isn't always about spending some great 150 minutes per week of exercise so you can avoid weight related illnesses.  Although the time you spent standing up (unseated) may not be considered "exercise" in the strictest sense of the word, you may still regard it as "light activity", which is always better than any period of inactivity (i.e. sitting down, sleeping, etc.)

This is good news for people who think they aren't getting just enough exercise or aren't exactly exercise or fitness buffs. In the end we just need to spend lesser time sitting down - watching TV or just doing nothing - and of course doing more exercise to compromise (and more than make up) for the times you spend seated down daily always does great wonders.

Anna, Nice Healthy Wise

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